Your Host

Jeanne Longo – Executive Host

Jeanne Longo - Executive Clearwater Casino Host

As one of the original hosts, I have enjoyed providing excellent customer service to our top Tier players over the past 13 years. I love meeting people from all walks of life, hearing their stories and helping to make their stay at Clearwater Casino Resort a memorable experience.

When it’s time for me to unwind, I enjoy spending time with my family, beachcombing, hiking around our great state and working on my various art projects.

John Hart – Executive Host

John Hart - Executive Clearwater Casino Host

Over the past 16 years at Clearwater Casino Resort, I have enjoyed meeting new and interesting people, developing wonderful new relationships with our guests and providing the highest level of service to our guests.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, playing golf, various types of gaming and enjoying new places and experiences through travel.

James Villareal – Executive Host

James Villareal – Clearwater Casino Host

I have the opportunity to meet a new person every day and to create relationships with our players. I enjoy playing a pivotal role in representing our Casino and utilizing over 14 years of my customer service background to provide my players with a better gaming experience.

Besides spending time with my family and friends, one of my big passions is eating, discussing, and photographing food. I love to share the photos and discussions on social media for others to experience the art of a fellow foodie.

Brian Hines – Executive Host

Brian Hines - Clearwater Casino Host

As a VIP Host, I enjoy being a Clearwater ambassador to our most valued guests, and serving as their main contact for all the good and beneficial rewards that we offer. I love helping to create a memorable stay for each VIP and being a part of the reason they would choose Clearwater over any other Casino.

While I’m away from work, my family is my life. I enjoy spending quality time with my fiancé and English Bulldog Benny, indulging in delicious sweets and playing a wide variety of games ranging from cards to video games.