Topaz Emerald Ruby Diamond
Cash Back
Personalized Offers
Bridge & Ferry Refunds* Based On Activity
Earned Comps
Complimentary Hotel Stays Based On Activity
Complimentary Spa Treatments Based On Activity
VIP Events & Point Pursuit
Courtesy Transportation Based On Activity
VIP Host Service Based On Activity
Priority Lines
Bonus Cash Back

Tier status is based on earned points only. Promotional points & point multipliers not counted toward tier progression.
*Those living west of the Puget Sound and north of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge do not qualify for this program.
Complimentaries, tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not included in Players Club discounts.
Alcohol may not be purchased with Club vouchers.
Benefits are for the Card holder only.

It’s free and easy to sign up for your key to member rewards. Play with your Players Club Card to earn personalized offers, promotional entries, CASH Back for your play and BONUS Play.

10,000 Points
Emerald card status comes with generous comps, rewarding Stay and Play offers, automatic ferry reimbursement, hotel, spa and golf discounts and more.

50,000 Points
The rewards are abundant at the Ruby level. Enjoy a VIP Host, courtesy transportation, exclusive VIP events, excellent Stay and Play offers, higher Cash Back and Comps for your play, significant discounts and invites to exclusive parties.

120,000 Points or More
First class luxurious amenities and rewards await the Diamond Players Club Member. Bonus Cash Back, A VIP Host, our highest Stay and Play offers, Priority Lines, generous Comps, VIP events and so much more.

Playing with your Players Club Card earns you special offers, points, comps and cash back.
Swipe your Players Club Card at any Casino Promotional Kiosk, or visit Players Club to check your point status.
Birthday Perks apply to qualified players in birthday month. See Players Club for details.
Diamond, Ruby and Emerald status are awarded for 6 months with renewal based on qualified play levels.