Top 5 Secrets For Improving Your Roulette Odds

Did you know that the very first roulette wheel that was originally designed and created by Blaise Pascal, the famous French mathematician, was actually meant to be a perpetual motion machine? Pascal never intended for his roulette wheel to be used to play games inside land casinos, but the Gods of Gambling had different plans for him more than 366 years ago. While trying to defy the odds of physics that claimed it was impossible for a perpetual motion machine to keep running without an exterior source of energy, Pascal failed his experiment, but managed to give us something different, and, what most would argue, better, instead: the roulette wheel.

The game is one of the most popular and appreciated casino games worldwide, and it has even made its appearance in an impressively large number of movies. If you are familiar with Diamonds are Forever, with the iconic James Bond engaged in full roulette action, or Casablanca and the high-stakes game part of one of the most memorable scenes in Rick Blaine's nightclub, you know exactly what we are talking about.

If you have always had a passion for roulette, whether online roulette games played in top casinos, or our exquisite land casino, these next few tricks will help you enjoy the game even more next time you are ready to place your bets and watch the wheel spin.

Secret #1: Hold On To The Table Minimumruolette games

One of the most important tips you could consider when playing roulette as a casino newbie is sticking to the table minimum and focusing on only playing the outside bets. Bet on either black or red for every new spin and you will enjoy a 1:1 payout while covering 18/38 potential combos.

Secret #2: Spread Your Bets To Keep The Adrenaline Pumping

Another thing you can do to keep the action at the table as fun and engaging as possible is the following: place two qual bets on a couple of outside bets. One of the bets can be placed on a column or the 2:1 paying dozen, while the other bet is an even-money bet. You will, this way, get to cover more numbers twice with these bets and also get the chance to potentially hit more numbers.

Secret #3: Choose The European Version Of The Game

The European roulette version of the game is played with the single-zero European wheel, which means you can expect to significantly improve your odds. The house edge on this version is half the house edge of the American versions, and it is set at 2.63%. Plus, it is possible for players to further lower the house edge, reaching 1.4%. This occurs when the ball rests in the colored pocket with the zero-digit on it. This means that all the bets that players have placed in the round will continue to be qualified in the next round.

European roulette does not only provide you with better odds, but it also offers an amazingly entertaining gambling experience, similar to the one provided by the American version. If you are new to the game, make sure you look for the European version first and start practicing your skills on it first.

Secret #4: Look For The En Prison Rule

While not all casinos offer the en prison roulette rule, it pays off to find one that does display it. The rule is found in European wheels and it enables players to lowers the house edge down to 1.35% and it is valid for even-money bets. For instance, for a $5 bet riding on red, provided the ball will land on zero, the bet will not be won or lost, but it will stay locked up for an additional wheel spin. Provided the roulette ball is to land on red on the upcoming spin, the house will return the original $5 bet to the player, but the player will not win any money. Provided the ball lands on black, the player loses. On the other hand, provided the ball lands on zero again, the player's bet will remain in place for yet another round.

#5: Play Online Roulette For Free

This will give you the chance to practice your new skills and any fresh strategies you might have come across without risking your money. Go online, search for your favorite casino that offers European and American versions and play for free in practice or demo mode, or play using free casino money part of the a cool welcome bonus offer.

Familiarize yourself with the way the wheel looks and feels, look at the structure of the table, assess the payouts and get ready to make the switch to real money roulette gaming in the near future.