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Turning Your Wedding into a Weekend Experience


Destination weddings are all the rage these days as families and friends spread out across the country (and the world). It just makes sense to gather all your most beloved friends and family in a beautiful spot. But what do you do with everyone when you get there? Here are some tips for turning your destination wedding into a stress-free reunion.

Set Expectations

Bride or groom, you’re likely to have a lot on your mind on the big day. You’d love to go for a round of golf just before the ceremony, but you’re going to be a little busy getting ready… How do you let your loved ones know when it’s the best time to  see you? Create an itinerary and share it with your guests. Block out the time that you know you’re going to be busy. By sharing this information with your guests, they know when they are free to plan their own activities.

Plan Group Activities

So you’re all going to gather for the ceremony and reception, of course. Some (if not all) people will also be at the rehearsal dinner. That’s wonderful, but it’s also a lot of wedding-centric time. Give your guests a gift by planning a group activity that’s more reunion and less ceremony. It will also give you a little time to relax and de-stress before that big walk down the aisle.

But Leave Some Free Time

Itineraries can easily get out of hand. Remember to leave some serious blocks of time unplanned. Some guests will want that round of golf at dawn and others would love to relax by the pool or to go see a show. It’s all about balance. By creating those spaces for guests to do the things that most appeal to them, they’re going to be even happier to focus on you during the actual wedding events.

A Weekend Wedding at Clearwater

So what does the perfect wedding weekend itinerary look like at Clearwater? Here’s one option:


  • Arrive in the evening. You’ll want to be refreshed before all the festivities and your guests might want that extra day off of work. You don’t need a car, you and your guests can take the train into Seattle from Sea-Tac to the Pioneer Square Station. It’s an easy walk from there to the Bainbridge Island Ferry and our shuttle is available at the Ferry terminal.
  • Book a premium suite so your room can be the hub for an informal gathering that first evening.
  • You can also do the bachelor or bachelorette parties this evening if you haven’t already. The Beach Rock Sport Lounge is a great start.


  • Plan a morning at leisure. Fun things to do in the morning include: sleeping in late, a visit to the Suquamish Museum, a round of golf, a turn at the roulette wheel, or shopping in historic Poulsbo.
  • Regroup for a casual lunch at the Agate Pass Deli or Longhouse Buffet and see how everyone is settling in.
  • Afternoon with free time keeps everyone happy. Treat the bridal party to mani-pedis and a massage at the Angeline Spa.
  • Rehearsal dinner. Do it up right at the The Clearwater.
  • Sneak away for a couple’s massage with your partner before the big day.


  • Prep time. Block out time before the ceremony for you and your partner to get ready (separately of course) with the people closest to you.
  • Late morning wedding at one of our scenic venues.
  • Lunchtime reception on site. Our caterers will work with you to provide the event of your dreams.
  • Late afternoon and evening. Your guests will have the chance to gather informally and catch up on lost time. The rest of the day is just about the two of you.


  • Set up an informal brunch at the Longhouse Buffet where you can connect with everyone before they leave town.
  • Depart on afternoon ferries and flights.

We’re so excited for your upcoming nuptials. If this Clearwater itinerary is what you have in mind, contact one of our wedding specialists to request a proposal today.

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