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The Top 12 Reasons to visit Clearwater Casino Resort

12. You’ll have a Winning Feeling during any season

11. Take a photo of the internationally famous “Twin Peaks” log at Kiana Lodge

10. White Horse Golf Club. Shoot lower scores than our defense gives up in a year

9. Waterfront Hotel Beds so comfortable; visions of touchdowns will dance in your head.

8. Eight hours is simply not enough time to experience Clearwater… go ahead and spend the night.

7. Seven lucky locations for fun, excitement and adventure

6. FREE Waterfront Lawn Events + Indoor Concerts = First Class Entertainment

5. Angeline Spa… get your Pedi-Mani and lose yourself in relaxation

4. Our skies are always deep blue and our trees are always incredibly green

3. Rare sightings… you’ll see Ospreys and Bald Eagles here

2. You can escape the tackles and take downs of the big city when you stay with us.

And the Number 1 reason to come visit Clearwater?
We’re a short ferry ride from THE BEST STADIUM in the country!
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