Resort Remodel

Resort Remodel

Our Resort renovation has now been finished! Built in 2006, our Resort building captures the rustic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With this renovation, we have updated all of the resort rooms and corridors to feel more current and sophisticated, while increasing the connection to the natural surroundings and culture of the Suquamish Tribe.

→ Design

The design goal was to update the resort rooms and corridors to feel more current and sophisticated, while increasing guests’ connection to the natural surroundings and culture of the Suquamish tribe. This was done through thoughtful selection and layout of custom furniture, textiles and lighting that are more contemporary, yet are still slightly rustic and feel inspired by nature. We also incorporated more of the color palette from the exterior of the building, which has become a trademark of the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort.

→ Corridor

The custom corridor carpet has a woven basket-inspired background pattern with a bold organic pattern overlaid throughout. The layout of the pattern in copper, cardinal and bark colors creates a sense of excitement when guests step off the elevator and helps with wayfinding as they pass through the corridors.

Different colors and textures of wallcovering are used in the elevator lobbies, door drops, and corridors to also help create a sense of arrival and wayfinding. The various wallcoverings have natural textures that look organic while still feeling new and fresh.

Furniture has also been updated and the quality improved to better coordinate with the property’s natural surroundings and yet add a sophistication to the guest experience.

→ Guestrooms

Guestroom carpet is a more subtle pattern and texture following in the tradition of the basket weave suggested in the corridors. The entry and bathroom tile is more crisp and modern than the previous flooring, but still has a rustic, natural warmth. Layouts, furniture and fabric selections were really designed to highlight and complement the beauty of the views outside. Wood blinds were replaced with soft blackout drapery and sheers to add more warmth to the rooms and to allow for less obstruction of windows.

The original tribal photographs have been professionally restored, reprinted and reframed with complementary matting and rustic wood frames to better highlight the pieces and reinforce the warmth of the lodge feel.

The unique wall hanging displayed above the bed was specially made for the resort and introduced to add more texture and dimension to the guestroom than a standard framed art piece, and to highlight the original live edge headboards that have been repurposed throughout. The wall hanging and related full-size blanket, which is available for sale in the gift shop, was designed especially for this project, by Danielle Morsette, a renowned local Salish weaver. The wall hanging and blankets were fabricated by Native-owned and operated 8th Generation.

→ Technology & Lighting

Technology updates include new TVs, phone systems, clock radios and convenience power and USB outlets integrated into lamps. LED lighting upgrades throughout offer energy savings and enhance the guest experience.

We invite to come and experience our newly remodeled guest rooms! Click here to make a reservation or call us at 866.609.8700