New Year’s Resolutions

1. Pick up a fun hobby – like learning poker or blackjack
2. Pamper Yourself – With monthly specials at Clearwater’s Angeline Spa
3. Meet New People – Clearwater always has new people to meet
4. Try Something New – like Clearwater’s Sushi Bar or Golf lessons at White Horse Golf Club
5. Reduce Stress – With monthly specials at Clearwater’s Angeline Spa
6. Spend more time with people that matterThe Clearwater fine dining has a private party room, perfect for quality dinner time
7. Travel more and see the world – Clearwater is your perfect staycation with food, spa, golf, gaming and more!
8. Reinvent Yourself – Take time for you by staying at the Clearwater Casino Resort on our cloud like beds, you’ll feel reinvented in the morning
9. Become More Romantic – Nothing says romance like Clearwater’s Retreat to Romance package
10. Start Expressing Yourself Artistically – By participating in Kiana Lodge’s Paint & Sip nights that happen once a quarter in 2017