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If Halloween Ghouls Lived It Up on the Waterfront

If Halloween Ghouls Lived It
Up on the Waterfront!

Happy Halloween! In preparation for our October 31st Halloween Costume Contest & Party, we thought we would imagine what kind of things our favorite spooky Halloween characters would like to do at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort. With a jam packed events calendar as well as a myriad of gaming options, we believe we have something for every goblin or ghoul. Let’s begin:

  • Vampires: from Sunday – Thursday, we offer $1 blackjack, roulette, and craps from 11 AM-6:30 AM as well as 12 AM – 3 AM. While that early timeslot is not for the undead, surely Dracula, Nosterfrau, and their pals would love that late night/early morning timeslot to get in a few cheap table games. Before the sun comes up, they would surely retire to one of our rooms to sleep the day away, only to try again the next day. Hey, even ghouls need their beauty rest.
  • Werewolfs: these guys are real party animals! The only downside is they don’t have anywhere to stash their wallets after their transformation. That’s no matter as we offer free live music Friday and Saturday nights at Beach Rock Music & Sports from 9 PM to 1 AM. Just make sure that your werewolf friends are house trained!
  • Frankenstein’s Monster: contrary to popular belief, the monster is actually quite sensitive and seeks companionship and belonging with others. If camaraderie is what he is after, what better place to find it then at Beach Rock Music & Sports, especially when our local teams are playing!
  • Witches: maybe witches get a bad rap. I mean have you ever ACTUALLY been cursed by a witch? Put under a spell? Been chased by a witch’s trained monkey airforce? Probably not. Given their advanced age and uh… lack of proper skin care we’d like to think these sorceresses would really benefit from a stop at our Angeline Spa. After a spa treatment and one of our pumpkin specials, I’m sure we could forget all about our promise to turn our neighbor into a newt!
  • Goblins: hey, maybe these guys are just hungry! Maybe instead of terrorizing the townsfolk, they could practice GOBBLIN’ at the Longhouse Buffett! With over 100 options to choose from and a daily theme, these little troublemakers might loser their mischievous manner after an all you can eat treat!

Fortunately for you, these options (and more) are not just for mythical creatures… they are available to you at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort! We hope to see you soon and remember: life’s a game… live it up on the Waterfront!

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