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Everyday Sayings We Get from Gambling

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Have you ever noticed how many sayings we get from gambling? Despite the fact that not everyone spends a great deal of time at the casino (maybe they should if they want to have some fun, just saying), there are phrases and terms that that have their origins in cards, slots, and other games that are understood by us at large. Below are just some of these sayings that have made their way from gambling culture to our culture at large (sayings are in bold):

Are you a careful person? That must mean you play your cards close to the vest or maybe even hedge your bets. Are you able to conceal your feelings by not showing emotion? You must have a poker face. What if you are a little more reckless? Well, you might be a wild card or even not playing with a full deck. You probably tend to bet your bottom dollar, to be all in, or go for broke.

Are you trying to get someone to behave a certain way? Well, you might want to up the ante or sweeten the pot. Either way, good things happen in the moment of truth (when you lay your cards on the table) if you play your cards right and keep things above board. Or maybe they don’t since life is a crapshoot that is determined by the luck of the draw and all you can do is let the chips fall where they may. You could even hit the jackpot unless the cards are stacked against you.

Is something not getting the attention it deserves? Well, perhaps it got lost in the shuffle. If something or someone is important, they are a blue chip. If you do something similar to someone else, you follow suit and if you strengthen your commitment you are doubling down – which you might do even if someone raises the stakes. Have you had a streak of good fortune? You’re on a roll and if you refuse a request you might simply say no dice. However, you might want to play if you have an ace up your sleeve or an ace in the hole. At the very least, it could help you break even.

Even in the end, we aren’t saved from gambling sayings as we cash in our chips.

What did you think of our list? What is your favorite gambling term? Are there some we missed? Let us know on Facebook. While you are there, give us a like and follow so you can be updated on the latest in entertainment and promotions. Life is a game, live it up on the waterfront!

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