Poker Weekly Events


Poker Weekly Events

Ask our friendly Poker Staff for details about any of our events!
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Texas Hold’Em Tourney play 7 days a week!

That’s right! No matter what day it is, at 11:00am we’ve got cards in the air!
Now there’s a reason to get up in the morning!

It’s just a $35 Entry/Buy-In for 3000 tournament chips. 15 minute rounds with re-entry available through the first 3 rounds.

High Hands – Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

♦ High Hands start at $50 at opening and go up $50 an hour if not hit until 3PM when we add a hundred bucks to the mix.

♦ Then we start over again at $50 for the 4PM hand adding $50 every hour with a $100 bump at 6PM.

♦ If a high hand isn’t hit the money rolls over to the next High Hand day.

♦ Pot Splashes start at 6:30PM with $25 SPLASHES every half hour until 1AM.

♦ The more Texas Hold’Em tables going the more money gets “splashed”.

*See Poker Room for Details

Wednesday Night Poker Tourneys

Clearwater Casino Resort Wednesday Night Poker Tournaments

Take any week from humdrum to hooray with this all-new mid-week event!

  • $55 Max Entry To Participate
  • 9,000 (with Dealer Bonus) in tournament chips
  • $20 add-on after the third round for 2,500 in t-chips
  • Stair-stepped blinds
  • 20-minute rounds

Action starts every Wednesday at 6pm sharp.


Thursdays Poker, Pizza & Pints

Free pizza served in the Poker Room at 6PM to seated players.
$2 domestic drafts from 6PM all night.

Add to the fun with Player Supported Jackpots!

Qualified hands can win big – just watch the jackpot board!

♦ Daily Double – If a player hits any 2 jackpot hands not hit the previous gaming day, they win the amount posted for both as well as the amount in the Daily Double.

♦ Royal Flush – Poker hand with an Ace, King, Queen , Jack and 10 of the same suit. This is available for Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds!

♦ Straight Flush – Poker hand with 5 consecutively numbered cards all in the same suit.

♦ Lightning Strikes – Any jackpot (other than the straight flush) that is hit becomes Lightning Strikes eligible. If 2 jackpots are hit, your chances of hitting Lightning Strikes are doubled! There can be any number of qualified hands on any given day.

♦ Thunder Rumbles – Any Lightning Strikes hand hit will set the stage for Thunder Rumbles. If the hand is hit again, Thunder Rumbles – due to the rarity of this event (the jackpot hand hitting 3 times in 1 day) this jackpot will get big, big, big!

♦ Double Jackpot – On posted days and times, certain jackpots will be paid at double the posted amount to a maximum of $500.

♦ One Card Jackpot – On posted days and times, only one hold card will be needed to qualify for quads and the Straight Flush. Daily Double, Lightning Strikes, Thunder Rumbles and Royal Flush not included.

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Visit the Poker Room for details about any of these exciting ways to win. Complete rules are posted.